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235 Washway Rd
Sale, M33 4BP
United Kingdom

iDestiny is a 5 month School of Ministry based in Manchester, UK. Our aim is to equip and raise up a people who love and follow God whole heartedly and seek after the fullness of His kingdom here on earth.

Don't just take our word for it...

Bob Johnson
Timo and Ruth carry the DNA of heaven and have a wonderful Fathers heart that is worthy of sitting under and gleaning all that you can from.They will take you to new levels in the prophetic and hearing the voice of God. Along with teaching you how to be REAL  in your walk with God and relationships with people.   Bringing you the freedom and breakthroughs you need to live out your true destiny and calling from a place of rest and genuine love for all. 

Phil Drysdale
“I have the privilege of speaking in over 100 churches and dozens of schools every year and without a shadow of a doubt my favourite place to speak is the iDestiny school. I’m constantly amazed by the kingdom culture that has become the norm both in the church and the school. The leaders walk in an understanding of grace and love that is evidenced not only by how they teach but by how they live their lives. It has created one of the healthiest environments I’ve been in and is evidenced by the incredible graduates that leave at the end of every school. I couldn’t recommend iDestiny enough.”

Mark Gyde
"I always enjoy my few days with iDestiny. Right from the start of the school Timo and Ruth, together with all the people at Kingsway Church, create an environment of acceptance, encouragement and love. You will know immediately that you are in a safe place where you will do great things, meet great people and make friends to last a lifetime. iDestiny is a place where your life will be changed not because it has to but because you want it to. Through Timo and Ruth's example you will be introduced to your Heavenly Father who loves you and wants to be a Father to YOU!"

Svenja Loth
"I'm thankful for the time I spent at iDestiny. I met wonderful people who loved me  so unconditionally from the first day. They taught me to love life and showed me Jesus in a totally new way."

Matze Engelhardt
"For me iDestiny was getting to know God's love.
It was a life changing experience."

Kaddi Deitigsmann
"iDestiny taught me to believe in a God who is even better and bigger than anything I could ever expect.  I learnt that I can have joy that doesn't depend on my circumstances and hope no matter what the situation looks like. It was a  journey of His love for me, where He healed my heart and set me free."

Sarah Wetterau
"iDestiny gave me practical tools for a journey of discovering myself and becoming courageous for dealing with the pain of my past"


Tim Berchtold
"At iDestiny I learned that God is good, fully good with everything He does, He wants the best for us. He created our heart with the knowledge of who we will be, with dreams He wants to full fill and with dreams which are good. I learned that God is bigger, greater and better than I can ever imagine and He loves to live in us. He is happy to be in us!"

Ian Jeffrey
"iDestiny has given me the confidence to know that God truly loves me regardless of what I have done and that I really can hear him speak. Empowered by this I no longer feel helpless about any situation I might face, realising I have God given authority to change the world around me and walk into the destiny and plan He has for me."

Nicci Mellor
"iDestiny introduced me to the pure, unadulterated, shameless gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the nurturing input of the iDestiny family I have come into a deeper understanding and KNOWING that Papa God is real, His word is truth and His heart is to love me, and from that place of complete acceptance and identity as a daughter I can live every aspect of my life really WELL. I am brimming with gratitude."

Hendrik Kleinert
"iDestiny has changed my life, I’ve encountered the Father and He is so good, I've fallen in love with Jesus! I've realised God didn’t make me because He needed me, He did it because He wants me and because He loves me. I've got free from religious performance and starting to live a real relationship with God. It turns out being a Christian is not hard and complicated, it’s easy and liberating! iDestiny is a family that loves you, everyday, everywhere, no matter what - I’ve never felt so loved, welcomed and appreciated”

Sheri Cooper
"iDestiny was life changing for me.  Here God taught me so much about my identity in Christ & how to walk in signs and wonders.  I loved the 'meaty' & awe inspiring teaching & worship.  The atmosphere of love, grace & freedom at iDestiny & KingsWay Church blew me away & will never leave me- my spiritual family!"

Baruch Van Beek
"iDestiny was definitely the best school I could choose! I wanted to grow deeper in my relationship with God and also learn more about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I definitely got that out of the school, but more than that I now have more friends around me who are like a family to me. God's Kingdom is all about family and love" :)

Jenny Pletsch
"The school was for me so important that I found MY identity!!!! I found it in God's love and grace! Now I know that I'm home in His big arms of love and I learned where I am in God and in His big family!  Now I understand more what God's plan is for my life"

Bethany Walker
"I started iDestiny as an unsure 18 year old, desperate to know more of myself and of God. After 5 months of being deeply loved in a wonderful community I left truly knowing more of the great love of God and more of the daughter I was created to be!"

Chris Reckwardt

"iDestiny has been a great journey which has transformed me and my life in such a beautiful way.

Experiencing God’s radical love in a powerful way and living more and more out of my identity as a son has changed my life. I’m finally able to receive my Fathers tangible love and presence on a daily basis.

I also started to realize what an incredible impact Jesus’ work on the cross has on my personal life.

Because of Jesus, I’m having access to my real identity, to my real me. I´m no longer living out of the identity of an Orphan who is searching for love, but I´m living out of the identity of a Son who overflows with love.

As I look back I realize that all the revelations and transformations came from rest, through the transforming power of Holy Spirit. Revelations are not coming from effort and hard work, but from a place of rest where I’m fixing my eyes on Jesus, by believing in his word and dwelling in my Fathers love.

I have to be honest and say that I am still on a journey. Sometimes life hits me in my face and I start to struggle, but sooner or later I always start to realize, that I´m safe in my Father’s arms and that it´s gonna be alright."


Laura Freddy Daoud

"iDestiny has turned my life upside down , I came with no hope for life and walked out of it having learned how to do life with God and learned who he really is and who I really am. It was a turning point in my life..actually it was only the start of God really working in me and through me.. a beautiful journey with my Jesus. It changed me forever! "

Sam and Olivia Armstrong

"My wife and I wanted to go to a ministry school in 2014, but were having a very hard time deciding where to go. We thought about Bethel, and spoke with a friend, who suggest instead that we go to iDestiny. It immediately clicked with us both and we knew Holy Spirit was guiding us to iDestiny.

After arriving at iDestiny, we knew that this was the best choice we could have made. The KingsWay family welcomed us with open arms and accepted us into their family from the moment we walked in the door. Throughout the whole school we felt loved, accepted, honored, and valued by everyone we encountered.

The teachings we received from the school enabled us to walk more boldly and confidently in our true identity in Jesus, knowing the fullness of Trinity resides in us and flows through us. It is hard to sum up our experience in just a few words, but the best way to describe our time at iDestiny . . . irrevocably life changing."